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Living and working at the foot of Pikes Peak. Exploring art, writing, gardening, coding, cooking, and occasionally exercise.

Proverbs on Thursday

Proverbs without apparent morals are something more than proverbs.     A fellow admired by some has stated that an activity without a specific aim is like a sports car without a radio.     A kid voice says, “Gee, Pop, it would have been great to live during the Renaissance,” and the reply said,…

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Some Angles

If you don’t know anything, but are destined to speak with authority, find a bible quick.     Seeing some thingsfrom certain anglesmay be the same asseeing certain thingsfrom some angles.     While playing in an opponent’s stadium you might remember this: They turn out the lights at the end of the competition, and…

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In this one district where so-called illusion has been duly noted and labeled, they dropped the word from their vocabulary.  (Oh yeah, now they’re working on “imagination.”)     There isno such thingas random…(at least not thatyou can see).     The guy in charge of the mechanics in this one galaxy would try and…

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Some more philosophical riddle-bits from the PooBah Planet: “Ugly authors won’t resist appearing on dust jackets.”     Over on this other planet, they decided to finally just abandon the whole question, and proclaimed by official decree that, “There is no ‘right now.’”     In a decent universe, the art of healing could be…

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Over in the Blue-By-Red sector, I heard one guy say to himself, “If you were half as smart as you think you are, or if you were half as smart as you think I am, and if I was half as smart as I think you are, or half as smart as I think I…

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Report from Planet PooBah

One kid announced, “I don’t think it’s necessarily de rigueur to listen to those older than you until you know by what methods they got older than you.”     Stayingdown on the farmwon’t necessarilyhelp the farm.     While allowing that secondary activities do have their own reward, this one fellow added that the…

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Small Bullets

If everything begins to resemble everything else, you better switch planets.     Waiting on a bus is no assurance a bus will come.     All local explanationsare ex-post facto.     On this other little planet I passed, a rather limited little fellow remarked, “Looking around can get you down.”     Small…

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Space Travel Sunday

If you really want to “get somewhere,” space travel is not only possible, it’s mandatory.     On this one planet, the older and more complex a system becomes, the more likely are the inhabitants to direct their energies to the system, rather than its original purpose.     One guy used to like to…

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The menace to each universe is unique to that universe – for now.     The secret to the sequence-of-events in some places lies not in the events, nor in the sequence, but in the sequence-of-events.     Heard one guy say he thought the power steering had gone out on his planet.    …

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